Who We Are

Founded in March 2015 and headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, TNEDICCA®’s mission is to improve traffic safety through the use of data and analytics.

TNEDICCA® acquires and curates comprehensive traffic crash data and provides location-based solutions via APIs.

We’ve worked with experts in the insurance, automotive, transportation planning, and GPS navigation industries to use our proprietary crash database and analytics to improve insurance pricing, auto safety, reduce crashes, and help drivers reduce road risk.

Our Philosophy

Problem formulation and clarity of thought are the foundation of our work. Given our experience within a wealth of industries, we understand that there is no substitute for clear thinking in any good problem solving process. Once the issue is well formulated, we can then utilize our information technologies and scale up the required computations, analyses, insight generations and implementations to build toward success.

We’ve developed our proprietary analytic capabilities based on the work of these great minds

Walter Shewhart

Dr. Walter Shewhart

Physicist and statistician. Father of statistical quality control

Edward Deming

Dr. Edwards Deming

American engineer, statistician, author and professor

George Box

Dr. George Box

Statistician and one of the great statistical minds of the 20th century

Tom Bishop

Dr. Thomas Bishop

Professor, Thinker, Author,Statistician and expert on process control

Don Wheeler

Dr. Donald Wheeler

American author, statistician and expert in quality control