Unique and proprietary location-based
crash risk scores for auto insurance

Swiss Re and TNEDICCA Announce Partnership to Create More Accurate Auto Risk Segmentation

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Our Location-Based Traffic Crash Intelligence & Analytical Platform Enables

Auto insurance companies to improve profitability through more accurate risk scores

Safety-based route navigation for auto insurance carriers, navigation service providers, and drivers

Our Products

Location Based Risk Score

Location-Based Risk Scores

Given a garaging address, the crash risk is calculated based on a specified radius from the address

Route Risk Score

Route-Based Risk Scores

Given two addresses (presumably garaging address and work address), the crash risk is calculated based on probable travel paths

Usage based Risk Score

Usage-Based Risk Scores

Enrich telematics data beyond just driving behaviors by assessing crash risk of every trip

Built for an Entire Auto Insurance Market

Our Platform


Explore safer and most dangerous crash locations

SafeRoute Navigator

Assess the relative safety of each route


Help drivers assess their crash risk exposure of their daily commutes and
suggests alternate safer choices

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Total Annual Auto Written Premium





  • 38 states
  • 92% of total premium
  • $211B
  • 100% of total premium in UK


TNEDICCA® CEO Yiem Sunbhanich’s TEDx Columbus is now available on Youtube.

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