By harnessing the power of insights from our traffic crash location database, we provide the auto insurance industry with solutions that enable more accurate pricing and proactive risk mitigation

In today’s market, auto insurance carriers assess risk by looking at several key factors within three main categories: the driver behind the wheel, the vehicle in operation and some partial location information through territory rating (e.g. at 5-digit zip, 9-digit zip, census track levels). The key differences with the current locations risk are

  • Carriers are usually using only their own claim loss data based on garaging addresses to create territory. While TNEDICCA uses traffic crash location data to further refine the current territory.

  • Since traffic accident related claims are likely to be a subset of traffic crashes, TNEDICCA’s location-based crash risk scores represent a more comprehensive view of industry claim risks across geography.

  • TNEDICCA’s proprietary computational processes enable the effective use of crash frequency and crash severity from in regards to crash locations

the 3 elements of insurance pricing

TNEDICCA® provides solutions through our platform enabling insurance carriers to improve and refine their risk ratings to a higher degree of accuracy in predicting customers’ future accident, hence claims risks

Our Solutions are built for all auto product lines

Location-based Crash Risk Score

Location-based Crash Risk Scores

For traditional pricing to further refine territory rating and geo-pricing

Route-based Crash Risk Score

Route-based Crash Risk Scores

Non-telematics solution for traditional auto carriers.

Usage-based Crash Risk Score

Usage-based Crash Risk Scores

Enrich telematics data beyond just driving behaviors.

Routewise Mobile App

 RouteWise™ Mobile app & related APIs

Proactive risk mitigation via safety-based route navigation.

We want to become an integral part of your pricing decisions, help you become more profitable, and together we have the ability to change habits, improve safety and save lives – each and everyday.



Cleansing, geocoding, reverse geocoding, geo-clustering and the standardization of crash data across multiple states


Scalable proprietary processes based on proven methodologies that have been tested and refined over the course of decades and the standardization of crash data across multiple states


Which when combined with our other capabilities ensure we can intuitively partner with insurance carriers and provide capable solutions that can integrate and scale seamlessly


Which allow us to ensure our data is ready and available for use across a variety of devices and systems at any given time.


It allows us to receive and compile ongoing updates regarding historical data, as well as recent crash risk statistics