At TNEDICCA®, have developed cloud-based analytical platforms and proprietary insights that allow for more informed choices in our route selections and driving habits.

Thanks to a variety of advancements in today’s digital-first world, we now have the power to know exactly where we are at any given time—an ability that rests comfortably within our pockets, purses or dashboards. But, while we can harness these capabilities at the touch of a button, they only tell part of the story; especially when it comes to our safety on the road. Often times, just getting to and from a destination is not enough when attempting to navigate ourselves through a complex system of roadways, traffic signals and human interactions. To fully understand where we’re going and how we’re going to get there, we must consider insights on road safety, so we can make more informed decisions in our travel plans.

We truly believe that by utilizing our powerful content as an add-on within pre-existing programs or by introducing it through a seamless integration process, we can help to build a safer driving experience for everyone on the road.

To further confirm our systems can be maximized across a variety of industries, we’ve ensured they’re ideal for:

GPS Navigation


Our capabilities allow for seamless integration within pre-existing or market-ready programs. And when combined with your company’s capabilities, we can provide an improved customer experience, focused on driver safety.

Individual Drivers


Responsive and mobile-ready, individuals can better assess their routes and make more informed choices based on our proprietary analytics and insight into historical risk factors; all within an intuitive system that can be utilized as a stand alone or as an add-on within one’s favorite apps.

Fleet Managers


When you’re responsible for tens or hundreds of drivers at any given moment, safety is always a top priority. That’s why we built our infrastructure to be easily licensed and integrated within your systems to further refine and optimize multiple routes at a moment’s notice.



Cleansing, geocoding, reverse geocoding, geo-clustering and the standardization of crash data across multiple states


Scalable proprietary processes based on proven methodologies that have been tested and refined over the course of decades and the standardization of crash data across multiple states


Which when combined with our other capabilities ensure we can intuitively partner with insurance carriers and provide capable solutions that can integrate and scale seamlessly


Which allow us to ensure our data is ready and available for use across a variety of devices and systems at any given time.


It allows us to receive and compile ongoing updates regarding historical data, as well as recent crash risk statistics

By working hand-in-hand with individuals, transportation and navigation engineers, managers and owners, we know that together we have the ability to change habits, improve safety and save lives—each and every day.