At TNEDICCA®, we offer cloud-based analytical platforms and proprietary insights that focus on the location data of areas with an inherently high crash risk.

Auto Manufacturers

An innovation that’s poised to change the world, autonomous (or driverless) vehicles symbolize our desire for a safer, more convenient commute. Yet, while vehicle engineers have made great strides in their ability to recognize dynamic road conditions, challenges do still exist.

An important example is the vehicle’s ability to fully understand variable factors such as driver and on-road interactions or the inherent crash risks created by design elements of the road system itself.

We truly believe that this additional safety content can assist autonomous vehicles in further optimizing their routes with additional safety dimensions, while better anticipating and mitigating potentially hazardous situations prior to even pulling onto the road


By building an intuitive system that allows for our proprietary analytics, dynamic content and cloud-based capabilities to be easily licensed, seamlessly integrated and automatically updated, we can share a wealth of information regarding critical points of risk. Our goal is to utilize these tools to assist in the creation of a safer, more convenient commute for your customers and every driver on the road

Auto Manufacturers

That’s why, as we gather these fundamental insights, we’re continuing to organize and enrich the data within our systems to offer a scalable solution that’s easily accessible and ready for use. We understand that the testing phase—especially with such complex vehicle systems—is one of the most important, which is why we hope to share our advancements as a means to mitigate and overcome these issues on the road to mass consumption of this powerful technology


We’re able to achieve our mission through the powerful pillars that comprise our platform


Cleansing, geocoding, reverse geocoding, geo-clustering and the standardization of crash data across multiple states


Scalable proprietary processes based on proven methodologies that have been tested and refined over the course of decades and the standardization of crash data across multiple states


Which when combined with our other capabilities ensure we can intuitively partner with insurance carriers and provide capable solutions that can integrate and scale seamlessly


Which allow us to ensure our data is ready and available for use across a variety of devices and systems at any given time.


It allows us to receive and compile ongoing updates regarding historical data, as well as recent crash risk statistics

By becoming an integral part of your system, we know that together we have the power to change habits, improve safety and save lives—each and every day